Donald Trump makes bizarre claim against ‘fake news’

U.S. President Donald Trump has oddly accused the media (he often referred to it as “ fake news ”) of wanting coronavirus pandemic to continue as long as possible and paralyzed the economy, causing him to lose Presidential reelection in November 2020 .

President Donald Trump placed his re-election bid on the strong U.S. economy, but the stock market fell after the business was closed and people stayed home to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.

Donald Trump makes bizarre claim against 'fake news'
Donald Trump makes bizarre claim against ‘fake news’—

Trump has been blasted by some media for his initial treatment for coronavirus outbreak in US, and he advocates reopening businesses by Easter Sunday to help the falling U.S. economic, but some medical experts warn that this could be too early to stop the Spread the corona virus.

Now Trump suggests the fake news media is behind plans to instill fear and panic in Americans so the economy can be shut as long as possible and cause him to lose the forthcoming elections.

Trump complained on Twitter saying;

‘I have been packed all day with meetings, I have no time for stupidity. We’re working around the clock to KEEP AMERICA SAFE!,’ he wrote.

Trump then snapped back at a reporter who asked him about the issue.

‘I think there are certain people who would like it not to open so quickly and they think that would be very good as far as defeating me at the polls,’ he told CBS’ Paula Reid in response to her question.

‘There are people in your profession that would like that to happen. I think it’s very clear — I think it’s very clear that there are people in your profession that write fake news,’ he told her. ‘You do.’

‘They would love to see me for whatever reason because we’ve done one hell of a job,’

‘Nobody’s done the job we’ve done, and it’s lucky you have this group here for this problem or you wouldn’t even have a country left.’

Trump fired off another tweet to complain about his press coverage.

‘The LameStream Media is the dominant force in trying to get me to keep our Country closed as long as possible in the hope that it will be detrimental to my election success. The real people want to get back to work ASAP. We will be stronger than ever before!,’ he wrote.

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