Drive High Traffic Using Yoast SEO, Step by Step Guideline.

Drive High Traffic Using Yoast SEO, Step by Step Guideline.

This plugin(Yoast SEO) is super powerful and if you aren’t already using it, you’re missing out.

Drive High Traffic Using Yoast SEO, Step by Step Guide.
Drive High Traffic Using Yoast_SEO, Step by Step Guideline—

The plugin walks you through every step and uses easy to understand color codes to show you where there are issues.

Then it tells you how to fix those issues.

There are two versions of Yoast_SEO Plugin, one is free and one requires payment.

Below is what free version offer:

The ability to adjust your SEO title, URL slug, and meta description

Optimization tips for SEO title, URL slug, and meta description

A preview of how your post will show up on mobile and Google search results

An analysis of keyword usage

An internal link counter

And a readability check

Below is what the paid version of Yoast SEO plugin offers:

A redirect tool

Internal linking suggestions

Social sharing previews

The ability to focus on multiple keywords

Setting up Yoast SEO Plugin

The first step will depend upon if you were using another SEO_plugin before installing Yoast SEO plugin.

If you were, go to SEO > Tools > Import and Export to import those settings.

If not, skip this section and go straight into getting your settings set up.

High Traffic

Check the box of the SEO tool you were using and click Import. Yoast SEO Plugin will automatically import all your settings.

This import function is only available for paid Yoast SEO plugin users.


Drive High Traffic Using Yoast SEO


Let’s start

First, click on SEO in your WordPress sidebar. This will take you to your Yoast dashboard.

High TrafficClick that link (Configuration Wizard).

Then, on the first page of the wizard, click Configure Yoast_SEO.

We’ll take you through the rest of the sections in the configuration wizard below.

High Traffic

Next Section: Environment

In the Environment area, you should always choose Option A unless you’re working on a development site:

Next Section: Site type

In the Site type section, try to choose the type of site that best matches your site:

Next Section: Company or person

Next, choose whether your website represents a company or a person.

If you choose Company, you’ll be asked to also enter:

The name of the company & Your company’s logo.

And if you choose Person, you’ll just need to enter the name of the person.

Nest Section: Social Profiles

In the Social profiles section, enter all of the social media profiles for your website.  Like the previous information, this helps Yoast SEO provide extra details to Google for the Knowledge Graph.

If you’re creating a website for a company, this will be your company’s social media profiles. If it’s a person, this will be that person’s details.

You don’t need to enter all of them – just choose the social media profiles that you actively want to promote.

Yoast SEO


Next Section: Post type visibility

In the Post type visibility section, you can choose whether or not to allow certain types of content to be indexed in search engines.

Yoast SEO


Next Section: Multiple authors

If you’re the only person writing on your site, Yoast SEO will automatically mark your author archives as no index to avoid duplicate content (no-index tells search engines not to index that page).

Yoast SEO does this because, on a single author blog, the author archives is 100% identical to your actual blog index page.

Yoast SEO

Drive High Traffic Using Yoast SEO

Next Section: Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a tool from Google that allows you to view information about how your site works in Google organic search. If you’re already using Google Search Console, you can allow Yoast SEO to import information by clicking the Get Google Authorization Code and entering the code here.

Yoast SEO

Next Section: Title settings

Your Title is the main headline that appears in Google search results (and visitors’ browser tabs).

In this section, you can choose:

Your website name

The *Separator*


Finishing Up The Configuration Wizard
In the next 2 sections , Yoast SEO will try to get you to:

Sign up for the Yoast SEO newsletter
Purchase Yoast SEO Premium

You do not need to do either of these things.

Just keep hitting next until you get to section 12, which is the last section..

Success! And then click Close, We are done……

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