with a face laced with nothing below pride
with much elegance I wore my matriculation robe

like an eagle flying threw the clouds I graced the ceremony
they told us about how much of a great deal it was to be in the den
I believed the lies and felt so happy to be there
it was called a jungle, the lion’s den
ignorance clouded my inquisitive nature to the meaning of the lost dignity of man

I was given wings and told to dare to reach great heights
but as i grew older, without warning my wings were pulled
and i, left to fall face flat leaving only broken pieces and wounded pride
the voice i roared with has become croaky that even the cockroaches laugh at me

I knew I had to fight back, i have not come this far to be beaten
my shelter was taken from me but i built a shed
and my intelligence ridiculed then I wrote an epistle
my accent was mocked but i sang a poem
with every stone thrown at me I built
now the jungle has become nothing but my playground
and the dignity once lost I restored


-Naijanewsgist Exclusive


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