Can a friends-with-benefits situation lead to a meaningful relationship?

friends with benefits

Can a friends-with-benefits situation lead to a meaningful relationship? —

Friendship with benefit is the popular term that describes a situation where two friends enjoy a se–xual relationship with each other with no strings attached.

It’s fundamentally a casual se–x instance with only the twist being that this is no one-night-stand-type thing. It’s not the kind of stuff you do with strangers and random people.

Friends are involved. People you know and somehow care about even without the se–xual relationship.

According to Se–x therapist Ian Kerner, when you go down this road se–x may be all you get, alongside the possibility of losing your friend along the way.

“A FWB situation puts your precious friendship at risk. Even when we have no intention of letting it get messy, se–x has a tendency to muddle your feelings,” he tells Cosmopolitan.

And it seems true enough, at least if vox-populi is anything to go by. It is often assumed and implied that in all situation-ships like this; one person goes ahead with the plan secretly hoping that the se–x leads to something more serious.

And many times, these expectations [even if they came into existence midway through the agreement] are always met with disappointment. The partner who has those feelings could be the only one feeling that way; while the other person does not want to go down that route.

But that only tells half the story. Because on other occasions, both partners could develop feelings for each other and decide to elevate the relationship above casual se–x.

meaningful relationship
Can a friends-with-benefits situation lead to a meaningful relationship? ——

That could happen, too, and it’s OK. After-all, friends are usually said to be the best people to date.

Bottom line is this: the fear of being in a friends-with-benefit situation doesn’t always materialize. While the probability is there that someone would catch feelings that the other would refuse to acknowledge or act on; this is not always the case.

Se–x is a pretty intimate act, and it’s not unheard of that feelings are caught. Sometimes, by one person and some other times, by both people.

In all of this, what’s most important is to take responsibility for your own actions, feelings and just hope for the best.

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