Scene one: Int (day)

Location:   Collins’ bedroom

Cam:           Collins and Dave are busy with their phones, looking anxious as though they were waiting for something very important.

Collins:       Dave, they said 1p.m but it is already past 2p.m. are you sure they will still upload this list today? Don’t you (Dave interrupts)

Dave:                   yes! It is online, Collins log in, stop doubting.

(They both engage their phones, each searching for their names in the just released admission list)

Dave:                   I made it! (Gets up and hugs Collins in excitement, while Collins doesn’t seem too happy)

Collins:       I cannot find my name (reaches for the items on the table and Dave cuts in)

Dave:                   are you sure you looked very well (his eyes still fixed on his phone)

Collins:       (angry) what kind of nonsense question is that? Don’t I know my name again (pushes everything on the table to the floor, still not satisfied, he flips the table over, heads for the wall and throws punches…)

Cam: Kelvin walks in looking happy but no one notices, Dave is seen angry and lost in thoughts

Dave’s thoughts: he should not have shouted at me like that, I have seen his name here, but I am too angry to tell him, I don’t care if it is wrong of me, he should not have shouted at me

Kelvin:       (taps Dave on his shoulder leaving him startled) guy!

Dave:          hey, when did you get here?

Kelvin:       nawa to una o, na so thief go enter here carry una property comot una no go even know

Dave:                   it is not like that, we were just distracted.

Kelvin:       (looks at Collins’ direction) Dave, wetin dey do my guy na?

Dave:                    he did not get admitted so he is angry

Cam: zooms on Collins sitting on the floor with blood dripping from his fist

Kelvin:       (walks up to Collins and gives him a hug but Collins pushes him away) every time you go dey do like woman wey get man body, your blood go just dey hot anyhow abi you want burn your papa house?

(His eyes catches Collins phone on the bed, he picks it up to take a look at the list)

Kelvin:       (looks over the list for few minutes until he sees collin’ name) guy no be your name dey electrical engineering department like this so? Shey your reg number na 3674…(Collins cuts in)

Collins:       (angrily throws a shoe at kelvin) you should not try this joke with me right now,  I’m not in the mood please.

Kelvin:       guy no be joke na, come see.

Collins:       (walks to Kelvin, takes the phone off his hands and zooms in, a few seconds later, he jumps and hugs kelvin, rushes out of the room)

loc: Collins living room

Cam: (collins heads to the bar and grabs two bottles of whisky and three glasses then heads back to the room)

Loc: Collins bedroom

Cam: captures all three as Collins enters the room

Collins:       guys, let us celebrate this!

Kelvin:       first give me one bottle to take home, after all na me see your name there, if no be me now you for dey wait jamb till next year. (Takes the other bottle from Collins and keeps it aside)

Dave:                    Collins, your temper is really bad though, assuming you had stayed calm and checked a second time, you may have actually seen your name sooner before you decided to colour your room with blood. (feeling guilty for not telling him earlier)

Collins:       it is all cool Dave, I’m sorry I yelled at you earlier.

Kelvin:       oya na make we collect toast  jare to our new undergraduates!

Collins:       so Kelvin, how is your scholarship application going?

Kelvin:       I sha dey wait till next week wey dem say dem go call, anyhow God dey. If I fit get am before go the same private school with una wey dem papa hold plenty, na en be say this one no be tough talk na, federal university no dey cost so I get hope.

Collins:       alright then, we will be having a small party to celebrate our admission so, y’all should call your ladies let’s hit our spot later tonight.

Dave:          yes, that’s a good idea.

Kelvin:       na una wey get ladies na, my lady for the night na there I go carry am.


Scene two:  (ext: night)

Loc:            pool bar

Cam:          Sophia is seen in a bikini stepping into the pool while Collins admires her perfectly shaped curves.

Sophia:      (to Collins who is sitting at a table with Kelvin, Dave and Tina) hey baby, are you sure you do not want to join me in here?

Collins:       I’m fine just looking at you from here.

(Kelvin distracts Collins for a few minutes while tony walks up to Sophia and offers to swim with her)

Dave:                    Sophia looks like she is having fun with that well built guy

Collins:       (takes a full gulp of the drink in his glass and grabs a towel) who is that guy? Does he not know Sophia is mine (walks towards to pool) Sophia, get out from there right now!

Sophia:      what? I barely just started swimm…

Collins:       (cuts in) did you not hear me clearly? I said get out of there now

Sophia:      (gets out of the pool) I do not like this one bit (takes the towel from Collins angrily and attempts to walk away)

Tony:         (grabs Sophia’s wrist) you do not need to put up with attitude princess, you deserve better.

Collins:       (slaps tony three times before tony held his hand and attempts to fight back but Dave and Kelvin intervenes)are you mad? How dare you try to come in between Sophia and I

(Sophia leaves the scene screaming)

Cam:          lots of blood is seen on the pool side and a blur image of tony is shown.

Scene three (int: day)

Loc: sophia’s bedroom

Cam: Sophia is seen arranging her wardrobe when her phone rings and the caller’s id reads Collins

Collins(v.o): (in a very calm voice) love, I will be out of town for a short while, don’t call me on this line, I may have to change my number. Take good care of yourself, I will be back as soon as I can.

Sophia: what is going on, baby talk…. (Collins drops the phone)

Scene four (flash back of scene two)

Ext: night

Loc: bar

Cam: shows Sophia walking out from the commotion caused by Collins and tony

Collins: (grabs a bottle from the table, breaks it on Tony’s head while tony falls to the ground and hits his head on the edge of the pool) that serves him right, next time he would learn to stay away from couples.

Kelvin: guy calm down now, why your blood dey always hot, nawa to you o (walks towards tony and notices the pool of blood around him) Collins you don kpai person so o, he checks tony for pulse but could not get any.

Waiter: (calls the police)

Collins: (realizes the trouble he is in) everybody, get into the car, Tina get Sophia and meet us outside in a minute, make sure she doesn’t hear about what just happened here.

Scene five: (night)

Loc: ladies room

Cam: shows Tina rushing into the ladies dressing room

Tina: (grabs Sophia’s things) come on, we need to leave here right away (panting)

Sophia: give me a second so I can wear my shoes (wears the shoes in a hurry as they head outside) what exactly Is the problem this time? Has Collins caused another scene as always? Did anyone get hurt?

Scene six (night)

Loc: Collins’ car (int)

Cam: everybody’s scared faces is captured

Sophia: Collins, what did you do?

Collins: (speeds off not saying a word, drops Sophia and Tina at their homes while he takes the guys to his place).

Scene seven: (night)

Loc: Collins bedroom (int)                                                      

Cam: Dave is seen in a shock state; unable to move, Kelvin pants all over the room while Collins is at a corner thinking.

Kelvin: how you want take clear this matter now? You know say people been dey there and even if them no see your face well no be today we begin go that bar so them fit get your card details.

Collins: I don’t know what I should do. I just was not thinking straight in that moment.

Dave: you never think straight! Don’t act like this is the first time your temper is getting us in trouble.

Scene eight (int: day)

Flashback to 3 years earlier

Loc: secondary school classroom

Cam: Kelvin and Collins are sitting on top of the desk at a corner of a classroom while Dave enters the classroom and attempts to join them when he suddenly steps on Ricky (the goon of the class)

Ricky: (slaps Dave before he could even say a word) you dey mad? As you no get eye, dem no teach you make you dey fear face for una blind people house? Bend down clean my shoes before I kill you for here (slaps him again and Dave falls to the ground to wipe his shoes)

Collins: (grabs Dave’s hand and pulls him back up, making him stand behind him)

Ricky: (attempts to slap Collins but kelvin slaps him instead)

Cam: shows other students watching the drama about to unfold

Collins: (exchanges blow with Ricky while Kelvin tries to get Dave to stop weeping, Ricky seems to be enjoying hitting him and this enrages Collins the more so he grabs a chair and hits Ricky continuously on the head, until he falls to the ground bleeding) get up and fight! Weakling!

(Two girls rush out to call the teachers)

Dave: what have you done Collins?

Collins: I gave him what he has been asking for in this school; one should know who to mess with and who to stay away from.

Kelvin: guy, you don fuck up na! You for no hit am with that thing plenty times na.

(The principal enters the class room with the school doctor and two other teachers, while the doctor attends to Ricky on the floor the principal asks Kelvin)

Principal: who did this?

Kelvin: uhm, sir,

Principal: I will not repeat myself so, you better answer my question right now or get ready to bring your parents to school tomorrow

Dave: sir, it was Ricky’s fault, he …

Principal: (cuts in) who put Ricky in this condition

Collins: I did sir.

Principal: to my office now (he leaves the class room and Collins follows while Dave and Kelvin follow from a distance)

Scene nine (day)

Loc: principal’s office

cam: Kelvin and dave is seen eavesdropping outside the principal’s office, the students in the hall way are blur

principal: (calls the doctor’s office) what is his condition?

Doctor (v.o):        he is still unconscious, he was hit very hard on the head and there is a scratch to his skull, we are still running some tests to determine the extent of the damage, he has also lost a lot of blood. His parents/guardian should be informed immediately as he needs to be transferred to a more sophisticated hospital.

Principal:   okay. (Ends the call) Collins, I had already given you your last chance in this school but you have ignored my warning and done something even worse

Collins:       sir, I would not have done that if he did not try to bully my cousin.

Principal:   I do not care to know what your reasons were, I just cannot allow you to stay in this school a minute longer, (he types something in his personal computer and soon a paper pops out from the printer, he encloses it in an envelope and hands it to Collins) go back to class, pack all your personal belongings and go home, do not return to school tomorrow, you have been expelled.

Collins:       (bittered) but sir, I…

Principal:   (cuts in) tell your two friends to come to my office right now, you may leave.

Collins:       (steps out of the principal’s office and bumps into Dave and Kelvin eavesdropping) what are you two doing here.

Dave:          I’m so sorry Collins, I will speak to the principal,  it is my fault, if I had not…

Collins:       (cuts in) it is not your fault, stop blaming yourself, I have always wanted to teach Ricky a lesson and when I saw the opportunity I could not let it go. The principal wants to see the two of you; I’ll grab my things and be heading home now.

Scene ten (night)

Loc:  Collins’ dining

Cam:          Mr. George is seen eating his food angrily while Collins pretends not to notice, Dave feels sorry and barely touches his food, Mrs. George observes everyone and attempts to find out what was wrong.(camera focuses on each person individually before capturing the whole table)

Mr. George:                   (chews his food loudly) hmmmm, oh my God! Who has cursed me like this? What have I done wrong in this life to deserve this kind of embarrassment? Mmm, hmmm

Mrs. George:       my darling, please calm down and talk to me. What is this about?

Collins’ thought: I know this is about my expulsion, maybe I should just leave them to talk about how much of a disgrace I am to them.

Collins:       I’ll eat in my room (takes his plate and attempts to leave the table)

Mrs. George        : what exactly is going on…?

Mr. George:         (slaps Collins before Mrs. George could finish her question) how dare you behave this way in my house! (Slaps Collins again)

Mrs. George:       (moves closer to Mr. George) darling please control yourself

Mr. George:         why should I? (Grabs a glass cup and throws at Collins who is already 2metres away from the table)

Collins:       (Dodges the cup and it hits a wall and shatters into pieces) are you trying to kill me because of a minor issue? I’m not surprised anyway; you had never liked me as your son, which makes me wonder if mum actually had an affair which led to my birth.

Mrs. George:       shut up you little brat! What have you done to enrage your father this much? And how dare you speak of me with such vile accusations?

(Mr. George walks away from the dinning, leaving Dave and Mrs. George speechless while Collins leaves the house. Dave explains what happened in school to Mrs. George but their conversation is voiceless and light fades on them).


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